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Artist Statement
As one viewer put it, my photographs emanate an earthy quality: "They're grounded and grounding. Thank you." As I photograph... light and shadow, I follow... Chance is my partner...

In the last couple years, working with clay and paint has broadened my visual expressions. Clay in my hands makes me go through a grounding, centering process... I started with the mask, the other part of me, and then progressed to the woman's torso and her back. In the process of creating "Androgyny" and "Fragmented", chance was definitely my partner because one broke and the other exploded in the kiln. I was moved to bring all the pieces back together. It became a visual expedition.

I was born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, and currently I live in Tempe, Arizona.
I began taking photographs at 15 after making my first pinhole camera.

At USC, I studied German Expressionist art and cinema and created
an interdisciplinary major in psychology and art with an emphasis in photography.
I wrote about pictorial logic versus linguistic logic in my thesis
and created photographs that integrated a person's past and present
identities or personas. My photography project involved a full length mirror,
the person's favorite family photos made into slides and a projector.


Later, my photography went on a slightly different bend with the concepts of
time, identity and relationship. I did a 2 week experiment during a 1986 family
reunion in Puerto Rico where I photographed various rooms of my uncle's home-
the patterns, textures, objects, family photos that they had surrounded themselves
with-then threw the rolls into a pile. I would go back to the pile, not knowing
what's already on the roll, and re-expose it by taking portraits of my family members.

The Double

I've worked on variations of this idea with time periods spanning 5 to 10 years
in length. I come back to photographs without boundaries, photographs that take on
a life of their own. I'm also fascinated by the layering of time.
Chance is my partner.

Woman Energy

Later, my work revolved around the ancient petroglyphs and rock carvings
attributed to New Mexico's Anasazi and those created by the Tainos in Puerto Rico.
Once again, the subject was the layering of time; in this instance,
symbols and visual language from thousands of years ago.

Recently, I'm using clay to sculpture The Other through a mask or to sculpture the woman's body and fragmented self...
I have created acrylic paintings, clay sculptures, B/W medium format film photographs to explore
Woman's Energy through our torsos and backs. I have continued to study the visual language of petroglyph sites as found in New Mexico's
Chaco Canyon and Acoma Pueblo.

Please take a look at the rest of my work:

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JULY 8, 2016
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June 3, 2016
First Friday
Exhibited Artists Include:
Robin Parker Garcia's: Ceramic Sculptures, Acrylic Paintings, B/W Medium Format Film Photographs
Roosevelt Community Church
N. 1st Street
Phoenix, Arizona

October 3, 2014
First Fridays: Art Awakenings
Robin Parker Garcia's artwork: Ceramics, Paintings, Film Photographs
Phoenix Studio - PSA Art Awakenings Agency
1014 N. 2nd Street
Phoenix, Arizona

December 3, 2013
First Fridays: Art Awakenings
Robin Parker Garcia's artwork: Ceramics, Paintings, Film Photographs
Phoenix Studio - PSA Art Awakenings Agency
1014 N. 2nd Street
Phoenix, Arizona

November 1, 2013
First Fridays: Art Awakenings
Robin Parker Garcia's artwork: Ceramics, Paintings, Film Photographs
Phoenix Studio - PSA Art Awakenings Agency
1014 N. 2nd Street
Phoenix, Arizona

October 2010 - September 2011
Robin Parker Garcia Exhibition
One person Exhibition
Hampton - Southwest Network Agency
Mesa, Arizona

DECEMBER 15 2006 - FEBRUARY 4, 2007

Exhibited artists include: Robin Parker Garcia, Srboohie Abajian, Lillian Abel, Marsia Alexander-Clarke,
Janine Autolitano, Beth Bachenheimer, Denice Bartels, Lynn Creighton, Beverly Crist, Jacqueline Dreager,
Carol Es, Carol Goldmark, Anne Mudge, Lis J. Schwitters, Olga Seem, Barbara Thomason,
Nancy Turner-Smith and Trine Wejp-Olsen.

Perspectives is part of The Feminist Art Project, a national exhibition program celebrating the Feminist Art Movement, bringing public attention to women artistsí significant impact on contemporary art practice, and guaranteeing their inclusion in the cultural record, past, present, and future.

June 2003
Robin Parker Garcia Exhibition
Art on the Square - Art, Music & Wine Festival
Hutchins Street Square Community Center
Lodi, California

August 1996
Robin Parker Garcia - One person exhibition
Bridge Gallery, City Hall
Los Angeles, California

December 1996
Robin Parker Garcia
70 Eureka Street
Sutter Creek, California


July 2004
Moondance: Celebrating Creative Women
Nancy Nield Buchwald, Art Director
Online Poetry/Art Magazine
Poetry Section/Pueblo Doce (Beat Poem)
"Mesa Cliffs & Acoma Pueblo"

June 2002
Poems Niederngasse
Pasquale Capocasa, editor
European Online Poetry/Art Magazine
"La Mujer de Caguana Petroglyph"
"Pueblo Wall"

Gay People, Sex and the Media
Dr. Michelle A. Wolf, Alfred P. Kielwasser, editors
"Self-fusion" by Robin Parker Garcia

Press Releases

November 20, 2006
Robin Parker Garcia's artwork: Boulders, La Mujer de Caguana Petroglyph, Carmel, Tree
Scott Canty, Curator & Mary E. Oliver, Curator
Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery
Dept of Cultural Affairs -

June 5, 2003
Art Pick of the Week
"Carmel" by Robin Parker Garcia
Jackson Griffith, Arts Editor
Sacramento News & Review


Viewpoint Award
Certificate of Achievement
Sacramento Valley Photographic Arts Center


2000 Women In Photography - A Millennium Project
Robin Parker Garcia's multiple exposure; portraiture work


Housing Specialist
ASU Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy
Phoenix, AZ

Hearing Voices Facilitator
Hearing Voices Network
Phoenix, AZ

Peer Support Specialist Certification
Recovery Empowerment Network
Phoenix, AZ

BA Cum Laude, Interdisciplinary Studies: Psychology & Art
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA


Tracy D. Nasca, Beijing, CHINA

Michal Tingle, WASHINGTON, D.C., USA

Jill Robertson, Lake Havasu, ARIZONA, USA

Doni Tamblyn, Portland, MAINE, USA

Alfred Buono, Fort Lauderdale, FLORIDA, USA

Maria Rosario de Garcia, San Juan, PUERTO RICO

Oriana Parker Collection, Scottsdale, ARIZONA, USA Corporate Headquarters, San Francisco, CALIFORNIA, USA

Keith & Suzanne Parker, Roseville, CALIFORNIA, USA

Terry Garcia Collection, Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA, USA

Sonia & Brian Parker, Carmichael, CALIFORNIA, USA

Terri & Richard Nasca, Pollock Pines, CALIFORNIA, USA