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"I should have known you are an artist."

Debbie Caruso, Ed Robson Maricopa County Library

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"...but to me it almost looks like there is a soul trapped in the tree, screaming."

"I know it's a wall, but looking at it, I almost feel like it's a huge doorway and the opening in the middle looks like a big keyhole."

Katie Bollin, Gannett Media Technologies

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Probably my favorite picture is the one of the side of the rock with the drawings on it, because with the grain of the rock it gives the illusion of a waterfall of sunlight. ... gives me the idea of quiet and easy. I don't want to say stillness, because there is definitely movement in some of these photos, but the movement seems soft and unobtrusive.

I don't really think "peaceful," like a state of being, or even a "pause" in the middle of business, but more of the idea of "awaking," like a transition out of a stillness...
kind of like the prelude to the day (with its entire accumulation of events and interaction imminent).

~Sarah Fernandez,

* * * * * *

Carmel - I like this one the most because it reminds me of a famous painter who specialized in abstract painting. The reason is the line of the tree trunk or root is sort of abstract.

Driftwood - The pattern of the sand actually looks like water waves to me and it looks soft compared to the trees.

珮甄 | Pei Chen Wu, Gannett Media Technologies

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When I look at your photos I am filled with a sense of both wonder and peace. The old buildings, petroglyphs, and your use of black and white definitely recall a former time - but not so far removed. The photos make me feel like I've spent a carefree day with my grandparents, exploring and learning about their heritage and where they grew up and thus I'm learning about part of myself...

It's like I'm somehow connected to the objects in your photos - like I've been there before but I can't recall when - as if they evoke memories of a past life that I can't quite access.
They are very beautiful.

Emily Gibson,

* * * * * *

My favorite of the four is "Carmel" I really like the detail of the tree trunk against the contrast of the cypress trees in the background. It reminds me of rock strata that you might find in the cliffs below.

~Jamie Cuaresma,

* * * * * *

Although the double-exposure stuff has always been a GAS, your shots of nature, buildings... are strong, too. They pull you in. For myself, the favorites are "Boulders" and "Tree" -- the shapes are great in both contrast and composition. Also LOVE "Una Vida Petroglyphs." "Caguana Petroglyph" is very bold -- surprising and a little spooky -- really like that!

Doni Tamblyn, CEO - HUMOR

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Clapping out loud. Brava!

Micki Tingle, Attorney

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