Large Scale Installations

For, the request was for art that reflected and enhanced the corporate environment as well as included a diversity of cultures.

These 6 ft by 5 ft photographic images were transferred onto canvas and then stretched onto a wood frame. The finished photographic artworks were then mounted onto cement walls.

Working within the corporate environment of to create unique
large-scale photographs of babies and toddlers for the lobby was my
assignment. I collaborated closely with the Design Director, Facilities
Manager and the construction workers to be able to successfully
install my artwork. As a team player as well as
collaborating one-on-one with the appropriate
personnel, I resolved any issues that cropped up.

During this project, I photographed the toddlers and babies of
personnel and paid particular attention to the final result reflecting
a diversity of cultures. The Design Director, Facilities Manager
and myself narrowed down the photos to reflect three groups:
African-American; Asian-American; and Caucasian.

Through this project, I demonstrated my ability to transfer photographic
images onto 6 foot by 5 foot sections of canvas as well as my ability
to mount artwork onto concrete walls. The final installation process
involved the coordination of the Facilities Manager's presence
and working alongside the construction workers at the site.
The large-scale photographs on canvas were successfully
mounted onto the cement walls in September 1999 in the
lobby of's corporate location.